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Under normal situations, what is most common shutter speed camera will synch with flashes?

Which of the following is not a reason to use your flash off-camera?

After taking a picture and reviewing it on your camera's LCD monitor, you notice skin tones don't look good. What should you check?

If your flash has a Guide Number of 160 and your subject is 20 feet away from the flash, what is the aperture you must set for proper exposure?

You have a 200mm lens on your camera. The camera recommends a reading of 1/15 sec @ f2.8 ISO 100. You don't have access to a flash. You need to take a portrait. What should you do?

You find yourself shooting in a room where there is daylight coming through a large window & there is florescent and tungsten lights. Which is the INCORRECT solution to your White Balance problem?

Which of the following is NOT a limitation of high shutter speed synchronization?

Assuming you have all the camera gear you need to do the work, which of the following would you buy next?

A properly exposed picture never has clipped highlights or shadows

In a portrait, everything including the background has to be sharp and in focus

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